Replacing a door or window is always a chore, but some seasons are better for it than others. While most people will assume that summer or fall is ideal, it may surprise you to know that winter offers the most benefits to replace windows and doors. Not convinced?

Why Winter is the Best Time to Replace Windows and Doors?

We will break down the details below.

Replacing Windows & Doors In Cooler Weather

Cold weather may make you want to curl up under a blanket or at least shut all your doors to keep the cold air at bay. However, late fall and winter is a great time to start a window or door replacement project. Many homeowners will start their replacement projects in the late spring or early summer. This can create a rush on skilled contractors which can cause delays and even hike up the price.

Scheduling your project for the colder months will experience less time in between ordering and installation because factories have fewer windows to construct. As an added bonus, most companies will offer deep discounts. This is because they tend to have less business in the winter when most families are buckling on for the cold weather. Completing your window replacement project in the winter will also help save money on energy bills. By replacing the windows and doors in cooler weather, you will stop losing heat through faulty windows or doors.

Staying Warm During Winter Window Replacement

We understand it can be hard to handle the cold while doors or windows are being installed. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, your project may even get delayed. As minor as these complications may be, we have suggestions that can help make your project go as quickly as possible.

For window replacements, you can simply block off the room where the work will be completed. This will trap warm air in the rest of the house while keeping cold air inside the room. For door replacements, a professional contractor can seal off the hallway or the area around the door. This will reduce the drafts and cold air flowing through the rest of your home. It is a good idea to check the forecast before starting the work to prevent getting stuck in the snow halfway through.

Myths Surrounding Winter Installations

There are a few misconceptions about renovating, replacing doors and upgrading windows in the winter. While it may be cold outside, the winter is the best time for your pocket and for your schedule to perform work on your home.

It is a bit uncomfortable to work in the cold, and even more so for those who are sitting and waiting for the work to be done. However, replacing a window or a door is a rather small project that can be completed within a matter of hours. Of course, if the weather is below freezing, it will be difficult to apply a sealant to your windows, but aside from that, the cold weather poses no issues.

Some construction workers may not like to work in the cold, but those who install doors and windows don’t mind. They usually have to be outdoors in the heat, which is tough considering their work is labor-intensive. In the cold, they are able to warm up while getting their work done with minimal discomfort.

Hiring The Right Team For The Job

Regardless of what season you decide is best to replace your windows or doors, it is important to hire the right team for the job. Look for an experienced door or window replacement company in your area who is well versed in the type of replacement you are seeking. Older homes and historic homes have different rules and regulations; it is important that the company you hire is aware of any local regulations.

Winter Window/Door Replacement in Omaha, NE

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