Fitting new windows to your home is no easy feat. Even if you have great DIY skills, it’s still a time-consuming home improvement project that costs a small fortune. Most homeowners hire an experienced window replacement contractor to handle the installation. So, what should an estimate for new windows include? Keep reading to learn more about what can you expect to pay for new windows (including installation), and what costs will you see on the itemized bill for the project.

What Should an Estimate for New Windows Include?

The Cost of New Windows for Your Home

The average replacement window cost in your home in 2024 varies depending on the number of windows you have. If you have a smaller home like a condo, it will have fewer windows than a single-family home. Therefore, you can expect to pay less in material costs.

New window replacement costs vary from $670 to $1,380 per window, according to surveys. This includes materials and labor costs. A few factors can affect the price including:

  • The type of materials you choose for the installation
  • The style
  • Glazing
  • Custom window sizes
  • Labor

Installing custom windows will cost more than standard stock types of windows. Approximately 51% of American homeowners say they go with conventional options. While 49% say they fit a custom solution such as a bay window.

The style of the windows and window frame materials used in its construction is also a huge cost component. For instance, a single-hung window can cost between $150 to $200 each, while a double-hung window can cost between $200 to $600.

Choosing aluminum materials for your windows over the more common vinyl windows will set you back approximately $80 to $500 for a single-hung window. The same style of window in fiberglass can cost in the price range of $700 to $1,400.

The window brand also plays a role in the price, with some brands costing more than others. While windows are a significant expense for your home, consider them an investment. The more you spend, the more value and curb appeal it adds to your home, and the greater the service life of the windows.

Breaking Down the Items in Your Estimate for New Windows

So, what are the costs involved in replacing your existing windows other than choosing the window design and materials? Let’s break down the cost components you can expect to see on the contractor’s bill.


The biggest cost in the estimate is the labor for removing the old windows and installing the new ones. This cost is in addition to the price of the window itself. Removing the old windows and putting in the new ones requires labor, which is a significant expense. This task includes the professional measurement of the window to ensure a clean, snug, and secure installation.

The contractor invests money and time into their employees to train and certify them for installing windows. Some contractors are approved agents for window brands. Therefore, they must spend money on sending their team to training seminars with the brand. They do this before approving it to fit with their products.

While this isn’t a direct cost for you, it accounts for the labor costs. This is the reason why some contractors might charge more per hour than others.

The cost of the labor component of the estimate depends on the project. Some installations might be straightforward, while others require engineering and architectural input to install your new windows successfully. Some of the cost components involved in the labor part of the estimate include the following services.

Removal and Disposal of the Old Windows

The contractor needs to remove the old windows before installing the new ones. You can’t dispose of your old windows in the regular trash, or the municipality will fine you. Therefore, the contractor will charge you for the disposal of your old windows for these materials at the approved dump site. There is a charge for disposing of windows, and they pass these costs on to you.

Sealing and Trim

The trim and seals on windows are installed and insulated to stop drafts. This ensures energy efficiency for new home windows. The contractor caulks the windows and trims them to a smart finish to ensure efficiency and an eye-pleasing aesthetic.

Cleaning & Touch Ups

The contractor will include charges for paint touch-ups and cleaning the windows properly before handing over the invoice. The job will leave streaks and chemicals or oils on the windows, and you don’t want to clean these up yourself. The contractor will have the necessary chemicals and experience to do the task properly.

How Can You Tell If You’re Getting a Reasonable Price from the Contractor?

The contractor should be able to justify the window installation costs for the project if you ask them for the details about the estimate. Getting a second estimate from another contractor for the job is always a good idea before approving the project.

However, choosing the lowest price isn’t always the best option. The window replacement contractor might have a lower price but does shoddy work. So, check their Google Reviews and social media accounts for customer reviews before settling on your final choice for the project.

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