Is it time for a change in your home? Why not remove the old picture window and replace it with something else more functional and elegant? You might be wondering, “What can I replace a picture window with?” Removing the old picture window and replacing it with something else sounds like an exciting project. But, what are your options, and how do they compare with each other?

What Can I Replace a Picture Window With?

There are plenty of designs to help you choose something visually attractive, improves energy-efficiency, and is within your budget. Let’s look at the most popular ways of replacing a large picture window in your home.

Bay Window with Casements

Bay windows are typically used in new construction projects. A bay window with casement has a fixed center picture window and a crank for operation at the end of the unit.

Typically, the end units are 25% of the window width, while the picture window itself accounts for 50% of the width.

Bay Window with Double-Hungs

Bay windows with a double-hung are also used in new construction projects. This type of window uses double-hung windows to frame the bay window.

The double-hung windows slide vertically up and down, with easily removable sashes for simple cleaning. The end units account for 25% of the window area, while the picture window takes up 50% of the space.

Triple-Hung Window

Triple double-hung windows are another option for replacing your picture window. This design melds three double-hung windows together in a single unit.

This makes the arrangement a complete system instead of three independently operated windows. This type of window is more commonly found in office parks and other commercial buildings, however, it can be used in your home.

2-Lite Slider

Unlike other models, where windows slide vertically, moving up and down, a 2-lite slider moves horizontally from side to side. It gets its name from the two sashes, or glass panes, providing functionality to open and close.

Slider windows are ideal for spaces wider than tall due to the sash width. It’s a common window type used in sunrooms and condos.

2-Lite Casement

The 2-lite casement design features two sashes arranged side-by-side. However, these windows don’t slide; they crank open. The 2-lite casing is when two of these windows are combined in the same case, forming a single unit. Each window opens, closes, and locks separately.

3-Lite Casement

The 3-Lite casement (3LC) comes in a configuration with one window taking up 50% of the window area while the other two take up 25% each. The windows mull together in a single frame, but the center window doesn’t open.

These models usually have a crank window on either side of the main window. You can open the window to 90 degrees, and you’ll usually find these models on contemporary homes, in sunrooms and condos, or in front of houses.

4-Lite & 5-Lite Casement

The four and five-lite casements are for larger installations. The four-lite casing has four or five equally sized windows in the unit. The center three windows are fixed, and you can’t open them. However, the windows at either end of the casement crank open to 90 degrees.

Sometimes, all the windows may be fixed and unable to open. Typically, these windows are harder to clean if they don’t have cranked windows at either end.

4-Lite & 5-Lite Bow

The four and five-lite bow window mulls together four windows in a single frame, producing a bow effect to the installation. All four windows are the same size and come in configurations with corner windows or all windows being able to open. These models are commonly found in contemporary homes and new construction projects for complexes and apartment buildings.

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