Congrats! You’re finally about to move into that fabulous new home you’ve been so eager to make your very own. Moving into a new home is an exciting step and the beginning of a wonderful new adventure. Maybe you’re ready and willing to take on any home improvement renovations or repairs on your own. Or maybe you just want to make sure you have what you need in case of an emergency. Whether it’s to save some cash or to feel that sense of pride and independence you get from accomplishing a task solo, there are essential tools every new homeowner should have stored away in their tool belts.

Tools Every Homeowner Needs

10 Tools You’ll Need

Coming up with a list of tools for your new home can seem exhaustive and intimidating. However, coming up with a small general list first can make things seem less daunting. The 10 tools that every homeowner needs include: a cordless drill and drill bits, measuring tape, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, a level, a stud finder, and a utility knife. Now let’s dive into each.

Cords and Cordless Drills

An extension cord or two always comes in handy. They are a convenient way to power any electrical device and can be used for both your indoor and outdoor needs. Available in various lengths and sizes, they match any job. It should be noted that indoor and outdoor cords are not the same. Outdoor cords provide more insulation to protect against the elements. There is also typically a three-prong plug that won’t be compatible with an indoor outlet. So it would be wise to purchase both. Speaking of cords (or a lack thereof), a cordless drill and drill bits are next up on the list. A battery-powered drill will give you the freedom to work on whatever project you desire. Drill bits come in many shapes and sizes so make sure you stock up. The possibilities are endless.

Tape Measure and Hammers

Measuring tape is a bit self-explanatory. Nothing beats a retractable and lockable tape measure. Whether it’s spacing furniture or hanging pictures, a tape measure is your best friend. Buying one that’s at least 25 feet long will allow you the freedom to use it for whatever you please. Once you get that picture spaced and centered, it’s time to hammer it in. A lightweight pin hammer is great for small jobs and a heavy claw hammer is great for pulling out nails. Make sure you opt for both.

Screwdriver, Pliers, Wrenches

A screwdriver is excellent for quick tasks. Tightening a doorknob and changing out a switch plate are just a couple of examples. A screwdriver with interchangeable flat and phillips heads will go a long way. Moving on, when it comes to buying pliers, pull the trigger and just get the set. Having multiple shapes and sizes on hand will save you a lot of frustration. Small needle-nose pliers are great for tiny spaces and channel-lock pliers are wonderful for large pipes and valves. Also, pliers with a good grip go a long way. When it comes to wrenches, you only need one or two. If you purchase an adjustable wrench, you’ll have the versatility you need.

Level, Stud Finder, and Utility Knife

Levels can be simple and cheap, or you can shoot for the high-tech laser level. Either way, they are perfect for picture hanging or installing cabinets and shelving. A stud finder will come in magnetic options or a technology that can actually scan the wall to find any nails or screws. A stud finder prevents unnecessary holes in your walls and allows you to get the job done right the first time. And who doesn’t love the idea of that? And finally, a utility knife is another self-explanatory tool. Cutting rope, trimming carpet, breaking down boxes, the list goes on.

When In Doubt, YouTube it!

On a final note, thankfully we’ve been blessed with YouTube to answer our questions. So if you’re totally new to this whole owning a home thing, a quick search to show you how it’s done should help ease your mind and get you started. And with these tools in your toolbox, you’ll be well on your way to taking on projects, repairs, or simple everyday tasks in your new home!

Great How-To Videos: Dad, How Do I? Youtube Channel

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