Sliding and double-hung windows are very popular when it comes to replacing older windows. Window technology has come a long way and functionality has seen improvements as well. Both types of windows are easily customized and fairly quick to install. Sliding windows and double-hung windows are also energy efficient and reasonably economical. Each window style has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Sliding Windows vs Double Hung Windows


Sliding windows run on a horizontal track, and are larger than hung windows. Moveable or fixed screens can also be attached to them. Double-hung windows open vertically. Both styles have integrated window sashes for smooth operating and a matching compensation system. What sets double-hung windows apart from single-hung windows is that you can open them by raising the bottom frame or by lowering the upper frame. Double-hung windows have a single frame but two sash windows that are easy to operate.

Advantages of Double-Hung Windows

Versatile Fit

Versatility is one of the key advantages of double-hung windows. They fit very well in vertical window spaces and bay windows as well.


Double-hung windows are good for ventilation as they can open at both ends. They are also good for energy efficiency, which lowers energy bills, and for making a handsome window wall.

Air Conditioning Compatible

Many air conditioning models are designed to fit into double-hung windows.


Another advantage of double-hung windows is their safety. They are the safest window option if you have young children. The lower part of the window can be locked and the upper part opened so that the children can’t reach the open ventilation. This makes them much safer than sliding windows which open out and are easier for children to reach and fall out of.


Double-hung windows are quick and easy to clean. The windows tilt horizontally which makes cleaning the exterior much easier. Be sure to buy windows with a tilt-sash.

Disadvantages of Double-hung windows


Double-hung windows have complex mechanisms which require more maintenance due to wear and tear. Lubricating the window tracks annually will help. In addition, the weatherstripping will need to be seen too every now and then to guard against air leaks.


The up-front outlay for these windows will cost quite a bit, as the whole house will need to be done to achieve a uniform look. This can be done though as and when the budget allows.

Advantages of Sliding Windows


Sliding windows are typically larger than double-hung windows. In some cases, sliding windows are double the size of single or double-hung windows. In addition to offering more ventilation, they also allow more natural light which makes for stunning views of the outdoors.

Energy Efficiency

Given that sliding windows have fewer moving parts, there is less prospect of air leaking through them. This makes sliding windows more energy-efficient than double-hung windows. This is good news for the energy bill in the winter and summer.


Sliding windows operate easier than double-hung windows. It is easier to slide windows left and right than to lift sashes up and down. They are also easier to use than vertically opening windows.

Disadvantages of Sliding Windows

Window Cleaning

Cleaning the outside of sliding windows on the second floor is tricky and will involve ladders – and courage. It may be safer to hire a professional window cleaning company.


Being larger than double-hung windows it is more costly to shell out for sliding windows up-front. As mentioned, there might also be the cost of cleaning too.


Even with screens attached, sliding windows are a potential danger for adventurous little ones to fall out of. Furthermore, because of their size, they are easier for unwelcome adults to climb through from the outside, should they accidentally be left unlocked.

Rattle Noise

Howling winds and passing trucks can make sliding windows rattle and shake which isn’t good for the glass or the window frames.


Whichever option you choose, it is important to think of the new windows as an investment because of the costs involved. The costs can be recouped through lower energy bills over time. What’s more, new windows add curb appeal and can increase resale value come time to sell up.

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