Windows are an important factor that defines a house when it gets seen from the outside, and definitely makes a house when feeling from the inside: Windows are there to provide a view, to regulate the temperatures felt inside the house and to add to the overall look and feel – and as an added reason, windows are there to afford security to the occupants kept inside the house. This means that windows are one of the essentials in your house that you want to make sure is done well.

Warning Signs of Bad Window Installation in Omaha

Bad window installation can mean that glass panes can crack or shatter for no reason or small impacts, and it can mean that it leaves your house wide open to intruders, to accidents or to weather. Here are some of the essential warning signs of bad window installation in Omaha, NE.

Creaking Windows

If you hear any kind of creaking or cracking noise when opening or closing a window, it might be simple oiling or dust – but it can also be the signs of a hinge installed the wrong way (or older hinges having been salvaged and used to re-install what you thought was a new window). Have it checked!

Moisture on the Wrong Side

Do you have moisture on the inside of your windows when there’s a storm outside? This doesn’t always mean a leak, but it does mean that the window wasn’t sealed properly. Welcome to great potential for mold growth, getting sick and eventual wet, musty windowsills on the inside of your house.

Old, Rusty Screws

If you’ve just had a new window installed by a contractor or company, check the screws first. If the screws look rusty, old or worn, they lied to you about the window frame (and might have lied about the overall quality of their work). Using old screws for a new job is a bad sign that could point to worse issues.

Cracks in the Frame

Any cracks in the frame of the window (or in the putty putting the window together to the frame) are worth taking note of. It can mean that the frame is of seriously inferior quality (or that the glass pane might be installed badly enough to fall out – be careful).

Not Closing

A window that won’t close properly is a sign of one that wasn’t measured right when it was installed (or simply just installed badly). Take note, because it could lead to further problems and could mean that the window needs some serious repairs.

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