Windows are an important factor that defines a house when it gets seen from the outside and definitely makes a house when viewing the outdoors from the inside. Windows are there to provide a view and allow natural light to enter your home, regulate the temperatures inside the house, and add to the overall look and feel. On top of all of that, windows are there to afford security to the occupants kept inside the house. This means that windows are one of the essentials in your house. Improper installation can leave gaps in your windows and cause a host of other issues. What does a poorly installed window look like? Read on to learn more about the warning signs of bad window installation.

Warning Signs of Bad Window Installation in Omaha

When it comes to home improvement projects, few things are more important than ensuring a high-quality installation process. This is particularly true when it comes to windows, which play a crucial role in maintaining the energy efficiency and overall comfort of your home. Unfortunately, not all window installations are created equal, and there are several telltale signs that your windows were not installed properly.

Bad window installation can mean that glass panes can crack or shatter for no reason or upon small impacts. Poor window installation can also leave your house wide open to intruders, accidents, or to weather. Here are some of the essential warning signs of bad window installation in Omaha, NE.

Creaking Windows

If you hear any kind of creaking or cracking noise at the window sill when opening or closing a window, it might be simply oiling or dust. However, it can also be the signs of a hinge installed the wrong way (or older hinges having been salvaged and used to re-install what you thought was a new window). Have it checked!

Moisture on the Wrong Side

Is there moisture on the inside of your windows when it storms? Although this doesn’t always mean there is a leak, it does mean that the window wasn’t installed correctly. If your new windows are not properly installed and the window doesn’t seal, this welcomes mold growth and mildew, as well as wet, musty, rotting windowsills. This is one of the many reasons it is important to measure properly before installing new windows.

Old, Rusty Screws

If you’ve just had a new window installed by a contractor or company, check the screws first. If the screws look rusty, old, or worn, they lied to you about the window frame (and might have lied about the overall quality of their work). Using old screws for a new job is a sign of a bad installation company, and could point to worse issues.

Cracks in the Frame

Any cracks in the frame of the window (or in the putty putting the window together to the frame) are worth taking note of. Cracks in the window frame can mean that the frame is of seriously inferior quality (or that the glass pane might be installed badly enough to fall out – be careful).

Cracks in the window frame can also lead to air and water leaking inside and affect your home’s energy efficiency. As a result, gaps between the frame and the window can also cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Not to mention, a window with cracks in the frame is more susceptible to water damage even when the window isn’t open.

Not Closing

A window that won’t close properly, double hung windows, for example, is a sign the newly installed window wasn’t measured correctly. Windows that won’t close properly can also mean the window was installed poorly. Take note, because it could lead to further problems and could mean that the window needs some serious repairs.

Windows Don’t Fit Perfectly

One of the most obvious signs of a bad window installation is if the windows do not fit perfectly within their frames. If the window panes are loose or do not sit snugly within their frames, this can allow drafts and air leaks to occur, which can drive up your utility bills and make your home less comfortable.

Gaps or Spaces Between Frame and Wall

Another sign of a bad window installation is if you notice any gaps or spaces between the window frames and the surrounding wall. This can be a sign that the installation was not done with the proper level of care and attention to detail, and can also lead to air leaks and drafts.

Rushed Window Installation

It’s important to pay attention to the overall quality of the installation process. A high-quality window installation should be done by experienced professionals who take the time to ensure that the windows are properly aligned, sealed, and insulated. If you notice any signs of a rushed or sloppy installation, this could be a red flag that the job was not done to the highest standards.

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By keeping these signs of a bad window installation in mind, you can ensure that your next home improvement project is done to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. With the right team of professionals on your side, you can enjoy windows that not only look great but also help you save money on your utility bills and keep your home comfortable year-round.

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