When the pandemic started, most office jobs were pushed to work from home. Most workers had to set up their offices inside the confines of their house. This resulted in office workers having several concerns regarding their work from home arrangements. One of the main concerns was in regards to their home energy bill. This has resulted in many work from home employees looking for ways to save energy at home.

Ways to Save Energy While Working From Home

Here are several ways to save energy while working from your home!

Use natural light

If you have to work in the morning, open your curtains or blinds to let natural sunlight inside your house. Utilizing natural light to illuminate your home rather than relying on artificial light is a great way to conserve energy. More importantly, sunlight can illuminate your house for up to more than 12 hours. Additionally, using natural light as your source of light lessens carbon emissions in the atmosphere. As it appears, using natural light is not just a great alternative to artificial light but is also eco-friendly!

Unplug appliances that are on standby or turned off

A study finds that almost 5% to 10% of your electricity consumption comes from phantom power or standby power. Phantom power is the electricity appliances consume when they are on standby or turned off. Therefore, it is advised to remove the plug of devices that you are not using. Only plug in the appliances that you will be using for work or for that moment. This way, the appliances that will be consuming electricity are those relevant to you at that time.

Turn the lightbulb off

Similar to the section above, only turn on the lights that you are relevant to that time. Turning on all the lights in your house when it is light out not only consumes lots of electricity but is also harmful to the environment.

Fan on, windows open, AC off

If your house’s temperature is not hot, it is advised to open the windows and use electric fans instead of using the air conditioner. Air conditioners consume significantly more electricity than an electric fan will consume. Opening your windows allows natural or green air to cool you down. Additionally, you can use electric fans with a power-saving mode to help you cool your body. Not opting to use the air conditioner enables you to save money and, at the same time, helps the environment by lessening the amounts of greenhouse gases in the air.

If it’s cold, wear additional layers of clothes

When the environment temperature is cold or when snowstorms are frequent, most people turn up the heater to balance their home’ temperature. If you want to lessen your electricity bill and are okay with wearing more clothes, this advice is for you. Turning the heater to a lower temperature than what you will typically do, consumes less energy. However, if you are not okay with wearing additional layers of clothes, then there are other ways to stay warm.

Only heat/cool the rooms that are in use

Heaters and air conditioners usually function by heating or cooling the area until it reaches the required temperature. When these machines heat or cool larger areas, it will take longer and consume more electricity. Heating or cooling only the rooms in use will allow the machine to heat/cool it faster. This way, it consumes less energy, meaning your electricity consumption will not be as high as it typically is.

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Use LED lights

There are many different kinds of light bulbs in the market. Light bulbs which are not LED are likely to consume more electricity than its LED variant. LED stands for light-emitting diode. LED light bulbs function by having a material, a diode, cast light when electric currents flow to it. As a result, lighting a LED bulb up will require less power than other light bulb variants. That is why it is recommended for everyone to use LED light bulbs instead of different kinds.

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