Windows and window-frames are one of the first things that new owners choose to replace when settling into a new home. Hardware and online stores everywhere sell the materials it takes to replace windows and frames, but then people realize just how many different choices there are.

Picking The Right Materials for Your Home Replacement Windows

Choosing the right materials for your home replacement windows depends on several important factors, including weather, wear, light, heat, and moisture. These factors are all things that are let in (or stopped by) the windows that you’d like to install.

Here’s how to choose the right replacement materials for the windows and frames in your home – and what to think about before buying.

Things to Think About

When buying groceries, most people don’t just grab the first option off the shelf and call it a day. It’s the same when choosing replacement windows and frames for the home. Shop around, try different options, and consider these important things to think about before settling on a type of material for your home replacement windows.


Different materials come at a different cost. Consider your budget (that is, how much do you have to spend?) before researching different materials – for example, wood is often cheaper than aluminum and can make your budget stretch further while still providing you with a good quality product that does the job you needed.


Window and frame materials match up differently in terms of durability. Wood might not be as durable as aluminum, but wood might also work better under some circumstances than other materials – and what you need in terms of durability can depend on what your windows and frames will be exposed to where you live.


The size and shape of your current windows also have something to do with your eventual choice of window material. Larger windows are sometimes replaced with fiberglass or vinyl – and just because it happens to be cheaper and better for larger areas while diffusing the light.


Consider how much moisture is found in your area throughout the year. Materials like wood don’t react well to moisture changes and might lead to windows that won’t open or close when the moisture or temperature changes – and materials like steel casings for the frame make for a much better choice.


Environmental stress can have a lot to do with which materials should be chosen. Do you live in an area that gets plenty of wind and subsequent debris – or does your area get heavier storms instead? Many modern window types have been designed to withstand environmental stress better. Obviously, this should be one of the first things to consider. Additionally, install storm screens to protect your windows.


Surprisingly, heat matters when picking windows. Fiberglass is one of the most popular materials for any areas where energy efficiency is a requirement. It manages to break the direct rays of the sun so that they aren’t as harsh for the occupants while trapping heat inside on colder days.

Wood Home Replacement Windows

Wood remains a popular choice, especially for achieving a “classic” look – or achieving the effect you’re hoping for while you’re on a strict budget. Wooden frames are likely to stay in good condition for years but are best suited to inland areas. When closer to the coast, wooden frames are prone to reacting to moisture and heat to the point where they won’t open or shut for half the day.


Aluminum is ranked a little more expensive than choosing wood, but it’s also created to be worlds more durable than its natural counterpart. Choose aluminum when you have a little more of a budget than wood – and when you want to make sure your frames can withstand most of what nature and wear might have to throw at it over the years.


Fiberglass has become an increasingly popular option in modern times, outranking wood and aluminum in terms of sheer popularity. What makes it such a popular choice for homeowners is the fact that fiberglass is moderately priced and yet extremely durable – and when it comes to energy efficiency and trapping heat in while keeping the cold out, fiberglass ranks high.

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