With the winter season in full swing, cold air coming through windows can be one of the biggest problems in the household. However, people often ignore it, because it seems like something small. The truth is that small household issues like these can become bigger problems, and sometimes even expensive ones.

Is it Normal for Cold Air to Come Through Windows?

Sometimes, yes, but it can also indicate that the windows are wearing down (and that other problems could soon surface).

How Can You Test for Air Coming Through Windows?

If you think that you might have an issue with your windows, you may notice an ambient temperature change in rooms and hallways. This is often near windows during windy weather. Cold air can come through windows and make curtains move.

Condensation on the windows can also indicate that the windows do not seal as well as they should. This means that mildew can start to form or wood can start to rot.

If you still aren’t sure, feel alongside the joins of the window and you might notice air coming through (or not).

Is it Normal for Cold Air to Come Through Windows?

Cold air coming through windows can be normal. However, we expect windows to seal properly. Meaning, they should seal without any gaps or openings.

If you suspect that you have air coming through your windows, check for obvious loose pins or panels in the window. This can be one of the most common causes of cold air entering your home, and it could eventually cause a whole panel to fall out.

The Causes

There are several potential causes for cold air coming through windows.

Sometimes the window frame experiences wear and tear over time, which causes these gaps in the windows. Sometimes for older windows, this could be the glass – which naturally moves as it gets older, and might eventually create gaps where they used to seal.

Weather or temperature changes can cause gaps in the window frame. Get old, drafty windows replaced or repaired, as soon as possible, especially when air starts to leak through.

What Happens When Cold Air Comes Through Windows?

Not only will cold air entering your home through windows cause you to spend more on heating bills every month, but it can also compromise the structural integrity of the window. In time, a slight knock (or burst of wind) might cause more damage to the whole frame.

Leaking air means that you could have rotting frames. This happens when moisture comes through these gaps – no, they don’t just let in air.

Should I Seal all my Windows?

Yes, windows and doors should be sealed to prevent further damage, stop mildew, and serve their intended purpose. Check for any gaps or cracks in the window frames and seal them using caulk, foam tape, or weather strips.

Fabric tubes are also used at the base of windows or doors to keep drafts out. Add an extra layer of foam insulation or install window-insulating curtains. This helps to prevent cold air infiltration.

If possible, consider a more permanent solution to stop cold air from entering your home by upgrading to double-pane windows. Double-pane windows provide better insulation compared to single-pane windows.

Is Cold Air Coming through Windows a Problem?

Preventing cold air from coming through windows is important for maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home, especially during the colder months. Insulating your windows helps keep your home warm. Windows should have a water and airtight seal.

Repairing or replacing windows that aren’t sealed properly is cost-effective. You will end up spending a lot less money on your monthly heating bills in the long run.

What about Storm Windows?

Storm windows could be necessary if you live in an area that gets frequent winter weather storms. These are reinforced windows that stand up against the force of high winds. Some types of storm windows can even withstand the impact of debris without breaking or shattering. These types of windows can be a lifesaver in areas that are hit by storms regularly.

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