To update an old house is one of the simple tasks you can undertake to quickly increase your home’s value and marketability. This is especially helpful if you want to sell your old house. Even if you do not want to sell your home, updating can be simple, cost-effective, and quick.

There are several aspects that you should consider. Most importantly, the windows and doors are critical elements that you should budget for when undertaking home improvement updates. Below are some ideas if you are wondering how to update an old house.

How Do You Update An Old House?

New Windows To Update An Old House

An old house is likely to have windows that are outdated, damaged, or fail to work properly. As a homeowner, you might think that replacement is the only option. However, replacing the entire window is costly and you should consider the solution of updating it.

If the main issues with your windows are the appearance, you can paint them to improve their look. Increase curb appeal by adding some color. However, each window material needs a different kind of paint. You need a primer is needed before painting some windows.

However, you cannot paint all windows. You can paint windows made from vinyl or PVC, wood, or fiberglass. You can also paint the wall of the surrounding windows to establish an imaginary decorative frame.

The weatherstripping technique is best for windows with movable joints such as storm or sliding windows. While caulking is perfect for fixed windows.

Add Window Treatments

When updating your windows, you can also use blinds and drapes to change their appearance. In this case, dark and thick drapes can enhance the look of your home and improve insulation. On the other hand, you can add sheer curtains if you want only want to add some privacy. Don’t hesitate to change out those old light fixtures if your room lacks sufficient light.

You can make your current windows more energy-efficient with weather stripping and caulking. These techniques help to hinder air leaks around windows. Check around your windows to look for gaps or cracks between siding. If your windows have old caulking, you should remove them before applying a new layer.

However, this kind of window update for your old house will depend on design factors which may include:

  • Window orientation
  • Home interiors
  • Building design
  • Climate

You can select spectrally selective coatings, low-emissivity coating, and insulated window glazing for your glass windows.


The doors are very critical to your house, especially the front ones because they are the first elements of your house that visitors will notice. Breathe new life into your home with color and style choices to reveal your personality. When it comes to the exterior doors, you should not be afraid to change the color of your storm door or house numbers.

While interior doors do not have complicated issues, the exterior doors get exposed to weather elements. Making them prone to wear and tear. In updating your doors, you can start with a fresh coat of paint.

Change Door Handles and Hardware

You should also consider having the right door hardware to make a difference to your old house. In this case, getting a lever, handle, and smart deadbolt can improve your door’s aesthetics and make your life easier.

Smart locks come with various finishes and styles, and you can consider them when updating your doors. Going keyless is also an option, especially for busy people who do not want to walk around with a bunch of keys. Updating door handles and adding smart door locks can make your home feel more secure.

You should look at the door sweep and weather-stripping elements to make a difference in how you lose energy from your house. These elements enable you to keep environmental hazards such as dirt and water out while keeping airflow and heat inside.

Updating your old house should be a cost-effective and straightforward idea. Replacement windows and doors are a great way to easily accomplish this with the latest technology in energy efficiency and durability.

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