Storms are a common sight in some parts of the United States. If you’ve just been through a storm, you’ll notice that windows often take the worst of the damage. Damage to windows can sometimes last through another event, but other times the damage is severe enough to become dangerous – and your windows might not survive another similar event. But how do you know when your windows need replacement after a storm in Omaha, NE?

How to Tell Your Windows Need Replacement After a Storm

Here’s how to tell how bad the damage to your home windows might be so you can inspect your windows and protect your home from strong winds and heavy rain when the next storm arrives.

Sudden Airflow

If there’s any sign of sudden airflow through a window that once was airtight, then this is a sure sign of window damage and indicates that the window doesn’t close properly. When window frames are damaged, this can happen, and it compromises the safety of the entire window.

Windows are meant to seal tightly to protect against potential intrusion and damage. If you feel a draft coming from your window, then this is an indication it doesn’t seal as effectively as it should anymore.

Skip repairs and find a home window replacement company near you to replace the windows.

Any Frame Damage At All

If there are any visible signs of damage to the frame after a recent storm, it means that it’s a safer option to replace the window. Any frame damage at all creates a weakness in the structure of the window – and the next time, the window won’t be able to stand up to any further stress or damage.

Visible frame damage can include bends or cracks and if not fixed can lead to broken glass panes when the next storm arrives.

Even if they have been there for as long as you can remember and the damage isn’t from a recent storm, it still means that it’s probably better to replace these windows for safety and structural reasons.

Obvious Hairline Cracks

Let’s talk about the glass for a second or two. If there are any obvious hairline cracks within the frame, it’s another sign that you’re better off replacing the existing windows with new, energy-efficient windows.

Hairline cracks don’t seem like much of a problem to most people until you realize how much of a weak spot this can create within the window. A hairline crack is enough to shatter glass and break the entire window, with just a little tap – or high winds.

Replace cracked windows immediately, even if it just looks like a little bit of window damage.

Glass remains in a perpetual fluid state, and hairline cracks mean that the window will pop without almost any effort during the next storm.

Worse Storms Ahead

In some cases, a storm won’t just occur as a single event, but instead might last over the course of several days. Weather patterns can even be unpredictable, and some storms can turn back to cause damage over an area that it has already gone through.

If there are worse storms ahead according to the weather report, repair any potential storm damage to the windows or frames as soon as possible. Don’t wait to see what potential damage the next storm may cause! Failing to repair or replace windows that have been damaged during a prior storm can cause significant water damage to your home.

Any Creaking Hinges

Creaking hinges are a small problem that most people live with, but there’s a good reason why you should have any creaking windows repaired or replaced – especially if this only happens after you’ve been through a recent storm.

Hinges start creaking when they’re worn, or when they’re bent. In fact, some windows might even be worse off and have both issues at the same time. Older windows are more prone to wear, but damage can also be done directly after a storm has happened.

Replace creaking hinges. The potential damage that a creaking window hinge can indicate, means that the structure of your entire window is less safe than you imagine.

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