Entry doors and patio doors are crucial parts of any home. Your exterior doors are what serve as the gateway to your home, and the transition between inside and outside. Doors serve several very important roles, so you must skip DIY door replacement and hire a door replacement contractor in Omaha, NE to install the door right the first time! Below are a few roles that home doors serve:

  • Your door is one of the first impressions your home makes on a new visitor (or potential buyer)
  • Door provides you with security
  • Door provides you with privacy
  • Doors are important for energy efficiency
  • Your door is a highly practical feature that you will deal with every day

The clue is in the name after all: “indoors!”

Home Door Replacement Omaha, NE: Cost, Installation, & More!

Home Door Types

When it comes to exterior door installation, the cost to install a new door varies depending on the material you choose. Existing doors made of wood may have more character, but they are not as durable as fiberglass or steel doors. While French doors add charm and elegance to any home, they come with a higher price tag than standard doors. Below we explore a range of door types so you can decide which type of door is best for your home.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are a popular choice for their durability and strength. They are less expensive than fiberglass doors and can be painted in a variety of colors to match your home’s exterior. Additionally, steel doors offer excellent protection against break-ins and are a good investment for homeowners looking to improve their security.

Fiberglass Doors

On the other hand, fiberglass doors are becoming increasingly popular due to their low-maintenance nature and resistance to warping and rotting. They are more expensive than steel doors, but they offer better insulation and are energy-efficient. Fiberglass doors also come in a wide range of colors and styles, making them a great option for homeowners looking to boost their home’s curb appeal.

Storm Doors

When considering the cost of installing a new door, it’s important to also factor in the cost of a storm door. Storm doors offer an additional layer of protection against harsh weather conditions and help to insulate your home. They are available in both glass and screen options and can be purchased to match the style and color of your new door.

Patio Doors

Patio doors offer a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces, providing ample natural light and ventilation. With various designs ranging from sliding to French doors, they add both aesthetic appeal and functionality to a home’s architecture. Their durable construction and energy-efficient features enhance comfort and contribute to a more sustainable living environment.

Exterior Door Installation

Door installation costs also depend on whether you choose to hire a professional or tackle the project yourself. While DIY may seem like a more cost-effective option, it’s important to consider the level of skill required for proper door installation. A professional can ensure that the door is installed correctly and can offer guidance on the best type of door for your home’s needs.

Improving Curb Appeal with Door Replacement

In addition to improving your home’s security and energy efficiency, a new exterior door can also boost your home’s curb appeal. A well-designed entry door can make a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of your home. From traditional wood doors to modern fiberglass options, there are many styles to choose from that can enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Choosing the Right Exterior Door for Your Home

Exterior door installation costs can vary depending on the type of door you choose and whether you decide to hire a professional. Steel doors are a durable and cost-effective option, while fiberglass doors offer low maintenance and energy-efficient benefits. French doors and double doors are a great way to add a touch of elegance but come with a higher price tag. Storm doors are also an important consideration when it comes to protecting your home from harsh weather conditions. Whether you’re looking to improve your home’s security, energy efficiency, or curb appeal, a new exterior door is a great investment for any homeowner.

Home Door Replacement: DIY or Hire a Contractor?

Even interior doors play a number of important roles. Inside, doors can help to control the spread of a fire, create separation and privacy between rooms, insulate you from the sound outside, and alter the way you interact with space.

With all that in mind, a damaged door is something that you should seek to repair or replace as soon as possible. Is a door something you should try to repair or replace yourself, though? Or, should you call in a trusted door replacement company near you to handle your home door replacement?

Installing a Door: It’s Harder Than You Think

Spoiler: We recommend that you contact a company that specializes in home door installation in Omaha.

Given the huge number of important roles played by an interior door, it should become apparent just how vital it is that your door is installed properly. Installing a door wrong will compromise your security, your efficiency, and more. This can undermine the value of your property, and prove to be a constant irritation.

What’s more, is that installing a new door is not as simple as you first consider. Let’s address how you would go about installing an interior door, as an example of how this process plays out. This is an easier job, which serves only to highlight how difficult it is to install any type of door!

Installing an Interior Door

Buying a Door

To install an interior door, you first need to order the door from a manufacturer. To get the best price, this will mean buying directly from a door manufacturer, which in turn requires you to work in the trade. Otherwise, you’re looking at a much higher door cost from a reseller.

Door Sizing

Once you have the door and have chosen the appropriate door color and door material, you will find that it doesn’t perfectly fit your frame. After all, doorframes vary slightly in size. There is no universal rule here, so the chances are that you will need to buy a door that is slightly too large and then cut it down. (Get the measurements wrong and you may have just wasted your cash!)

Once you have the too-large door, you need to measure the amount that needs to be taken off. This then requires precision cutting in order to ensure that the custom door perfectly fits into the frame. This should then be sanded down.

Once again, a mistake here such as an unstraight cut or perhaps an overzealous one will result in a door that doesn’t properly fit into the frame and require you to buy a new door altogether. But other factors need to be considered too. For instance, the door handle will need to be inserted manually. This requires you to cut a hole in the door at the right height, attach the handle, and insert a bar through it.

What about a door lock?

If you also want a lock, then this further complicates matters and requires even more work and precision on your part.

Skip the DIY Door Replacement and Hire a Pro!

As you can see then, there are a large number of factors to consider when installing a door and it is not a simple process. You’ll need numerous different tools, not to mention a steady hand and confidence in your measurements.

When it comes to replacing all door types, you can expect to pay more on materials when you choose to DIY, seeing as you won’t have access to trade prices. On top of that, installing a door requires at least one other person to help hold the door steady while you work.

In short, it is more sensible in this case to hire an experienced replacement door installation team to handle the home improvement project. There are plenty of cases where doing the job yourself is the best choice, but this is not one of those times!

Interior door, patio door, and front door replacement costs will end up being much higher if you try to DIY door installation, rather than budgeting and including the cost to replace the door and installation costs from the get-go.

Entry and Patio Doors Omaha

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