Can energy-efficient windows save money? On paper, this is a very simple answer: yes! Energy-efficient windows work using a variety of mechanisms and design differences that help reduce heat loss. At the same time, this can also help you to keep your home cooler on a hot day! Thus, you will either need to run your heating or cooling less and will keep more of that energy inside your four walls.

Do Energy Efficient Windows Save Money?

Different energy-efficient windows work in different ways. Some use specially treated gasses that are stored between window panes to provide superior insulation. Others use three panes of glass rather than two (called “triple glazing”) or perhaps special films over the glass. If you run your heating and cooling regularly, then any of these systems will save you on those energy bills!

The Caveats

But as with all things, there are caveats. While your energy-efficient windows will always save you on energy costs, the extent to which this is true will depend on other factors. For instance, just how often do you use heating and cooling?

Do you live somewhere with a mild climate and find that you rarely use heating and cooling? Then, you may find that getting new windows doesn’t save you as much money as you would like.

Likewise, if you are moving property soon, consider whether the window’s worth is equal to the window’s cost.

And of course, if you have other serious issues affecting your efficiency, then your windows may have a reduced impact. For example, if you have a large hole in your roof, then you might find you lose a lot of heat energy that way! No matter how good and what Energy Star rating your windows are, the impact they can make in this scenario will likely be minimal.

Of course, you should also find the right window replacement that helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Which is something we should all strive for regardless of whether it impacts our wallets!

How to Save More Energy

Getting the right windows is one step to a more efficient home. Learn more from the Department of Energy about solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), and window types including single-pane windows and double-pane windows.

Likewise, though, you should think about your other installations and the way you are using them. These might serve as better “starting points” in some cases, depending on your current situation.

You can maintain the right temperature, with less energy consumption, without constantly fighting the loss of energy!

Health and Wellness

Heating and air installations are very important. Helping us to maintain the quality of the air in our room while ensuring we’re at optimum temperature. This helps to improve our productivity and also improves our comfort and happiness. High-quality windows without air leakage help maintain proper temperatures as well.

Furthermore, it’s very important for our health. If our bodies are constantly in the wrong condition it can result in a variety of different health conditions.

However, many people will still choose to try and limit their use of heating and air systems as a way to try and save money. Many stay warm by wearing lots of layers of clothes, instead of turning up the heat.

Heating and Cooling

Find a good and reliable company that can help you set up the best system for you. You might find that an HVAC system works better for you, or that you can make use of a fireplace. This latter option is what we refer to as “oasis heating”. Meaning that it makes one room warmer, rather than the entire property.

That means you won’t be wasting energy by heating the entire home, despite only spending time in one room!

Changing to gas from electric heating similarly might work, but whatever you do don’t forego optimum heating and air.

Many other things can also impact on your efficiency. For example, getting a smarter thermostat can help you to maintain the perfect temperature with no wasted energy. Likewise, better insulation, or even just wearing more jumpers can help you to use less energy to heat your home!

This is a holistic decision, and windows play a small but important part.

If you are looking for ways to save money, energy-efficient windows are a good start. Contact your local window installation company for more information.

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