Curb appeal is what would be referred to as the level of attractiveness an individual may feel for a property when it is viewed from a distance. Curb appeal can give prospective house buyers their first impression of the house before they go inside. Some might say that the overall exterior design of a house is what would give an idea to the buyer of what it is like inside the house. A good first impression can play a large role in a prospective buyer’s decision on whether or not they should purchase it. Houses with good curb appeal present themselves well from afar.

Does Curb Appeal Add Value?

Does Curb Appeal Matter?

Many home buyers view curb appeal as an indicator of how well you have kept up with the other parts of your house. If you take good care of the exterior of your house, it is believed the interior was taken care of as well. Experienced real estate agents say that great curb appeal can help sellers beat out a similar property. Therefore, curb appeal does add value but it is tough to say “how much” value curb appeal adds to a house. In fact, a lot depends on where the home is located and the time the home is sold.

If the exterior of your house already looks good, then you probably do not have to do much about it. In this case, you would see a minimal benefit of upgrading the exterior of your house. Even if you can’t quantify how much value curb appeal adds in numbers, agents will say it’s a worthwhile investment. Therefore, if you want to maximize your property’s value, it is wise to focus on improving its curb appeal. While something like replacement windows can meet both of those inside and outside needs, we have listed a few affordable small improvements to increase the curb appeal of your property!

Improving Curb Appeal

Cleaning and Repainting your Front Door

It is highly advisable to clean or repaint the front door before listing the home. The front door is one of the most used doors and is the first thing seen by the visitors. Cleaning the front door and updating the paint can instantly help update the overall look and aesthetic of your home. Sooner or later the buyer’s eye will be drawn to it.


Having healthy-looking grass on your lawn will greatly increase your home’s curb appeal. Take the time to pick weeds in the garden and plant new flowers. Clean the vases, pots, or concrete siders of your flower beds, mow your lawn and tidy your garden. You can purchase new pots or plants if you want to tidy your landscaping faster.

Clean the Exterior of your Home

Your home goes through all sorts of conditions. From the scorching heat of the sun in the summer to the agonizing cold of the snow in the winter. When it rains, it is even possible for mud to get on your windows. That is why it is advisable to clean your windows and wash them from time to time. Consider scraping and cleaning the siding or bricks on your home for a cleaner feel and look.

Clean up the Driveway

Driveways that are full of dirt can leave a bad impression on prospective homebuyers. Consider power washing all driveway corners and sidewalks before listing your home. Make sure that the cars are not parked in the driveway by the time you are doing a photoshoot of the property and while the house is being shown. Make sure all garbage bins and recycling bins are stored out of site as well.

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