When choosing the right window for your property, you will normally a number of different options to choose from. One of the biggest options when looking at windows in particular, is deciding between single-hung and double-hung. Deciding which is best for your property will ultimately give you increased functionality and convenience. At the same time, your choice will help everything to look the part.

What is the Difference Double-Hung vs Single Hung Windows?

What are the differences between these two types of windows? And how do you decide which is right for you? Read on and we’ll explore the answer.

Double-Hung vs Single Hung Windows

The difference between a hung and double hung window is simple. In a single hung window, only one pane (sash) moves. In a double hung window, two panes can move.

Many of the traditional types of window that you see in regular homes can therefore be considered to be single hung. For instance, a side hung casement window (which opens out to the side) can be considered a single hung window. But with that said, the term is more commonly used to describe vertically hung windows, which is where the contrast with the double hung window becomes more apparent.

In a double hung window, you will usually have two planes of glass – one in the top half of the window and one in the bottom half. You can then slide the bottom half upwards, but also slide the top half downwards. This is a double hung slider window. However, a single hung slider window would only be able to slide one of the panes while the other would be fixed in place.

Alternatively, it may be that the window opens by tilting forward. With a single hung window, only one window opens at the top, whereas in a double hung window, both pains will let air in this way.

Which is Type of Window is Right for You?

So with that out of the way, which option is the best for your home? That actually depends very much on a number of factors.

One big benefit of having a double hung window, is that it will often let more air in. If you have two hinges that open inward, then this will provide double the airflow as compared with a single hinge. This simply gives you more options, and it’s particularly useful for those that live in warm climates, or that run hot!

Now this isn’t always true. In the case of a slider window, a double hung window will not allow any more airflow into the property. That’s because you will always have at least one sash covering the opening. What a double hung window does allow you to do though, is to open up a little space at the top and a little at the bottom. This means you can allow maximum airflow, while preventing animals or children from being able to climb in and out. In that sense, it is a more versatile option.

Downsides of a Double Hung

Depending on the type of window you get then, a double hung window might provide more airflow or simply more versatility. Either way: this is a good thing. So the question then becomes: shouldn’t everyone just get a double hung and be done with it?

The answer is not quite! The first reason you might choose to get a single hung window over a double hung one, is that the single hung window will offer slightly better security, and probably have a longer lifespan.

The issue with a double hung window is that twice the number of hinges means twice the number of things that can go wrong! While there’s no guarantee than anything necessarily will go wrong, it is certainly still a concern. This also creates more potential entry points for anyone trying to open your window by force.

Likewise, a double hung window is very often going to be more expensive. After all, this type of window is going to involve more engineering and moving parts, which is harder to manufacture and install.

If there is no big benefit to getting the second opening, then you might do better to stick with the simpler, single-hung option. You’ll save money, and keep your home slightly more secure.

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