Windows are the eyes into the soul of a house. They allow light in and they also protect the interior from the elements. The placement of your windows and the type of glass you use are two important considerations. They will play a big role in your lighting and in how much you pay in energy costs. There are two main types of windows in most residential properties, double-hung and casement windows. Understanding the differences and pros and cons between casement windows vs. double-hung windows will help you choose the best style of window for your home.

Casement Windows vs Double-Hung Windows

Casement vs. Double-Hung Explained

Before we pit these two types of windows head to head, it is important to understand what each window style looks like.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are those that slide up and down in their window frame to open and close. Some of these types allow for both the bottom and upper sashes to be moved, while others only allow the bottom sash to open vertically. Double-hung windows are rather all-purpose and can be used anywhere in the interior of your home.

Casement Windows

Casement windows open outward and close via a cranking mechanism, so it is possible to open them one-handed. You push them out beyond the envelope of your home when they are open. Casement windows can be used at any basic level for a window such as over a kitchen sink or in a bathroom.

Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are the most common type of windows in both homes and businesses. They are also the type of window most often found in historical homes.

Window AC Units

Window AC units can easily fit in these types of windows while casement windows are unable to hold a unit.


Another advantage of double-hung windows is that they typically are much more durable than other types. For windows that open with a crank, if there is any damage to the lever, you won’t be able to open the window until it gets fixed.

Low Maintenance

They also require much less maintenance than casement windows. Double-hung windows have a lower chance of mechanical failure because they don’t have many moving parts. Furthermore, if the clasp that holds them in place breaks, you will still be able to open or close the window.

Easy Installation

Double-hung windows are one of the easiest types of windows to install.

Benefits of Casement Windows


One of the main advantages of casement windows in a home is their unique appearance. They lend a modern and clean style to any home. The lack of a sash in the middle allows for a highly contemporary aesthetic without the need for costly designs.

Tighter Seal & Energy Efficient

They also offer the most air tight seal around the frame among all window types. When a casement window is closed, each of the four sides is firmly seated in the frame which prevents the leakage of air. In terms of energy-efficient windows, the casement window’s airtight seal helps to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you have high energy costs, switching to casement windows can help reduce your bills drastically.

Easy to Operate

For property owners who have mobility problems, casement windows are the easiest to operate. For older people and those with disabilities, lifting a double-hung window may pose a challenge. With casement windows, the operation is by a handle crank which makes opening and closing them much easier.

Comparing Casement and Double-Hung Windows

Now that you understand the difference in look and function, we can get into a deeper comparison of these types of windows for your home.

Both windows offer a unique aesthetic appeal that will match a variety of styles and increase your home’s curb appeal.

While choosing casement windows can be more expensive than double-hung windows, there is no reason that you can’t include both in your home if you like both types of windows and have the pockets to do so!

Casement windows are less durable than double-hung windows. Casement windows swing out and when they are exposed to the elements they will age much quicker. The frame of double-hung windows protects them from the elements which allows them to have a longer lifespan.

When it comes to cleaning the windows, cleaning both types of windows is relatively easy. With casement windows, however, you will need to put a ladder on the outside of your home in order to clean the exterior since they swivel out instead of sliding up.

Modern double-hung windows and casement windows offer a tighter seal than many other window types when closed, which helps to lock in heat during the winter and cool air during the summer.

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