Storms cause thousands of dollars worth of damage every year. A storm can require massive cleanups after the event, with debris becoming a real danger during the storm’s height. During a storm, heavy debris can hit windows, which bear the brunt of the impact. In fact, high wind speeds can even cause windows to be torn out of the window frames. If you live in an area prone to severe weather, and you’re wondering about stormproof your windows, here’s a guide that tells you everything you should know.

Can You Stormproof Your Windows?

The good news is that you can stormproof your windows, and it doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Stormproofing protects windows against high-impact debris and storm damage. Impact-resistant windows protect inhabitants against debris from the inside.

Stormproofing is an effective way to protect your home against storm damage. For peace of mind, It should be done a few weeks before storms are predicted to start.

High-risk areas with extreme storms and hurricane-prone areas often have storm windows installed. If you’ve just moved in, they might still need repairs, upgrades, or initial installation.

Why Should You Stormproof Your Windows?

Stormproof windows are a barrier between the harsh environmental hazards on the outside and inhabitants on the inside. Without stormproofing, windows can become either a danger or a weapon in the middle of a storm.

You should always stormproof your windows, ideally weeks before the height of storm season. If you’ve waited too long, stormproofing your windows in the middle of a storm actually presents more danger!

Is Stormproofing Windows Expensive?

Stormproofing isn’t expensive, and should never cost more than a few hundred dollars. A professional company charges extra for material and work, but might also save you time and money in the long run.

Choose the right material provider or company that understands the importance of staying within your budget. However, don’t use it as an opportunity to be cheap. Substandard windows might not have been put through adequate safety tests.

Professional Window Storm Proofing

If this is your first time stormproofing windows, allow some room for error and make sure that you have enough time. Get the right equipment to ensure you aren’t making the job harder on yourself. Watch at least a few tutorial videos.

Professional stormproofing can be done through your local hardware store or window provider. If you don’t have much experience, it’s recommended that you find a professional company.

Strengthen the Window Frames

Stormproofing starts by strengthening the window frames. Even the strongest window could be torn out of the frame if it’s worn out or not secured properly.

Strengthen the frame, and combine this with the best quality stormproofing windows you can find.

Replace Cracked or Older Windows With Stormproof Glass

Replace cracked glass or older windows with new, heavy-duty stormproof materials. Glass can shatter and turn into dangerous projectiles. Manufacturers design newer window designs with impact-resistant glass. When properly installed, they won’t break or shatter, and they are also energy efficient.

A simple replacement guarantees your safety for storm season.

Choose Shatterproof Glass or Storm Windows

Manufacturing advances give you the option of shatterproof glass or storm windows. Both have been designed to accommodate extreme weather conditions. They won’t break or shatter even during increased winds and storms. Tempered glass is more resistant to force, but not shatterproof.

No window is completely hurricane-proof, but hurricane windows are engineered to be safer and withstand more extreme weather conditions than standard glass.

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