Airtight is an excellent quality for windows, but it’s a concept that most people never stop to think about for long enough. What does it mean, and how important is this for the average home? Airtight windows protect against storms and colder temperatures and prevent mold and mildew. Here’s what you should know about the airtight qualities of windows.

Can Windows be Airtight?

Why Is It Important?

Windows should be airtight, although they often aren’t. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Better protection against moisture, cold, and storm damage
  • Improved air quality
  • The inside environment is less harsh
  • Unsealed and unmaintained windows affect the energy efficiency of the space
  • Emergencies, like fires, are easier to control when windows are airtight
  • Leaking windows can be more dangerous, creating a flow that fuels the fire with oxygen

Air Quality Tests

Properly installed sealed and airtight windows make areas perform better at air quality tests. Cleaner air circulates inside, rather than letting dirty air in from the outside.

Storms and winds can carry debris through homes or could inspire mold growth. You risk this when windows aren’t sealed as well as they should be.

Can Windows Be Airtight? What If They Aren’t?

Windows can (and should) be airtight upon installation. New windows require a tight seal,  meant to close up completely. Improper installations and older windows likely lack the tight seal required.

This can be a safety risk. Therefore, window and frame maintenance is recommended at least every few months.

General principles for improving airtightness (Passipedia) say that windows should be as airtight as possible, providing a complete seal – and if not, they should be installed again or sealed properly.

Leaking windows can lead to issues, including mold growth or improper airflow. In emergencies like fires, older leaking windows can also be more dangerous. Fuel flames with oxygen, making them even more hazardous to inhabitants and rescuers.

Can Windows Deteriorate Over Time?

New windows are expected to be airtight upon installation but can become less. As frames wear (or seals degrade), windows might leak where they were fine for the first while of their lifespan.

Glass exists in liquid form and changes as it ages. Therefore, glass isn’t the same size as it was ten years ago. The windows that were sealed then may not be sealed now. Older windows should be replaced or repaired.

Windows That Seal Better

New windows are designed better and made to seal better. If you have older windows, they should be replaced or maintained. Say goodbye to drafty windows and high energy bills.

Energy-efficient options include:

  • Storm windows that are designed to create a better seal
  • Picture windows
  • Single or double-paned windows
  • From a variety of trusted manufacturers
  • Glazing windows provide a better seal thanks to multiple layers

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