We are now smack dab in the middle of the hot summer months. That means time is running out for some of those home upgrades you’ve been putting off. Or, maybe there are some home upgrades that you weren’t even sure you needed. Either way, here are some of the best summer home upgrades you can get started on.

Best Summer Home Upgrades

1. Windows are the Eyes to your Home’s Soul

The dog days of summer are one of the most ideal times to replace or repair those old drafty windows. Not only does it increase your curb appeal, but you’ll save big once those winter months roll around. No more heat leaking out of old windows will mean more money staying in your pockets. Dual-pane windows are some of the best types of windows to install when it comes to energy efficiency. These windows eliminate outside noise and keep your heating and air conditioning in its most optimal state. This kind of investment can run you about $600-$5,000 depending on how many you need. Investing in top-quality windows will have your home looking and feeling the way that it was always meant to.

2. Kitchen Renovations Galore

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, there are many avenues you can take. Since we tend to spend a majority of our time in this room, you’re doing yourself a favor by keeping it updated. That could mean updating or investing in new appliances or gadgets, installing new cabinets or a backsplash, adding an island if you feel like you need more space, or even just updating the lighting. Maybe the countertops are looking a little worn. Summer is a wonderful time to get started considering the old countertop materials will need to be hauled out and the new materials will need to be carried back in. This kind of labor may not hold up so well in cold and icy weather conditions.

3. Landscaping to Spruce up your Curb Appeal

It’s probably obvious why landscaping would be on the summer home upgrades list. Being that it’s one of the first things buyers see, it’s one of the biggest home improvements that will add value to any property. And fortunately, it’s one of the cheapest projects to undertake. The cost can range dramatically; however, it doesn’t have to put you under. Even just adding some flower beds or beautiful boulders here and there can make a world’s difference. You can either DIY or hire professionals. Hiring a landscape architect and a contractor will help you plan everything out and put a plan into action.

4. Residing your Exterior or Power Wash

If your paint is starting to peel or flake or if it’s starting to rot or mold, it’s probably time for new siding. Summer is the best time to do so. Loose or missing boards can reduce your home’s weather resistance. In turn, this can lead to much higher heating and cooling costs. One of the best ways to increase your curb appeal is to update the exterior, the first thing neighbors and buyers see. There are a wide variety of siding colors, textures, and styles to choose from.

If your siding’s looking just fine, opt for a power wash. It’s an inexpensive option and it removes dirt, sediment, and debris that have built up over time. Power washing is an underestimated service that will revamp the look of your home quickly and cheaply. You can even rent a pressure washer if you want to experience the satisfaction yourself.

5. Replacing your Roof

The roof is another wonderful home improvement project to tackle while it’s warm. New shingles actually require heat in order to create a seal. Therefore, if you have a leak or missing shingles, give your local roofer a call to get started. You can choose between budget-friendly three-tab shingles or elegant but pricey architectural shingles. Roofs generally last about 15 to 20 years so it’s definitely something you want to choose wisely.

Getting started on those summer home improvements

So there you have it! Five of the most common home upgrades for the summer. If you’re unsure if a project is a good idea for summer, just think about what it will entail doing so. Are you updating an external part of your home? If so, there’s a good chance summer’s the right time. If it will require a lot of intense labor moving heavy materials in and out of the home, summer’s probably where it’s at. Happy home renovating!

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