Advancements in window frame technology have raised the bar for energy-efficient replacement windows. New materials cope better with expansion and contraction, require less maintenance, and shut tighter. These technological advancements mean that windows are now more efficient at keeping the heat inside your home in winter and outside in summer. Other benefits of replacement windows include keeping noise out, window maintenance savings, and a key selling point for homebuyers.

Benefits of Replacement Windows for Each Season

Old vs New Windows

After years of natural expansion and contraction, old windows don’t seal tightly, so they can’t insulate. Air leaks allow moisture to enter the home and can make everything feel and smell damp. Older vinyl windows let in the draft which makes it harder for the furnace to heat the home. Older windows generally consist of one pane of glass through which heat also escapes.

Installing new windows will prove better insulation and lower energy costs. Argon gas between double or triple glass panels slows the rate at which heat transfers from one pane to the next, keeping the house warmer for longer. New windows can prevent up to 70 percent of heat loss. This can also impact your AC and furnace system because it won’t have to work as hard to maintain temperatures. Let’s explore the benefits of replacing windows in each of the four seasons, starting with autumn.


Although it may seem illogical, replacing the windows in the cooler months does make sense. Replacing damaged and inefficient windows ahead of the winter will keep your heating bills lower because you won’t need the furnace working as much. Moreover, as the warmer temperatures make way for the cold, new windows will prevent moisture from coming in.

Moisture causes condensation which then turns into mildew and mold. Those are difficult and expensive problems to deal with as they affect walls and wooden floors, as well as furniture. Not to mention, they are also a health risk. However, moisture damage prevention and a significant return on investment on heating bills aren’t the only reasons to go through with improving your home windows. Window companies are usually less busy in the fall, which means they can schedule you in quicker and maybe offer a great deal.


Winter is unfortunately the best time to find out where your windows’ weaknesses are. It shouldn’t take too long to detect where the cold draft is coming from. Old windows tend to become more brittle and break in freezing cold temperatures. Knowing they are problem windows makes it a good time to replace them. Warm-up with the idea that discounts should be available from window companies heading into their slow business period, and that future energy bills will be lower.


The key advantage of replacing windows in spring is that replacement windows might contract slightly in the cold, as a result requiring resealing down the line. Spring temperatures will allow for a weather-tight fit. Remember that new modern windows aren’t just good for insulating against the cold, they insulate from the heat as well. This can help significantly with air conditioning bills. In the spring, contractors will be busier, and wait times will be longer. However, not as long as in summer which is the busiest season for window companies.


Summer is the best time to fit new windows because it allows for the tightest of seals. This is because heat helps the caulk to adhere better. Depending on the type of glazing you choose, new windows will also help to keep the heat out and keep the house cooler longer during the day.

House Value

Add value to your property by adding curb appeal. When the autumn leaves on the sidewalk trees have fallen, new windows make your house look like it is smiling. Contact a window professional today to discuss the benefits of replacement windows and your home improvement options.

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