Storm windows are commonly found in homes in North America. They provide an added layer of protection against the damage that regular storms might cause. They are designed to withstand strong winds and sudden impacts. While many homes are already equipped with them, those who aren’t may wonder if storm windows are worth it and if they can benefit from replacing their existing windows and installing them.

Are Storm Windows Worth It?

What Are Storm Windows?

Traditional windows are typically single-paned or double-paned windows. Multiple layers of glass act as added reinforcement. Storm windows are made to withstand much stronger impacts and are less likely to crack, shatter, or be torn out of the frame by strong winds.

They come in two categories: exterior or interior storm windows.

There are different types of storm windows. This includes two-track, triple-track, or picture style. They can be:

  • Aluminum frames
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood frames

What Are They Made For?

These windows are made primarily for safety, but also for structural integrity. They are weather-resistant and built to withstand damage from strong winds, hail, and debris that might smash into windows during a storm.

Regular windows are not made to withstand these impacts, regular window frames are not either. Where a regular window would tear out of the wall, storm windows are typically much stronger and will remain in place.

Where Are These Windows Most Common?

Storm windows are particularly common in parts of the United States, where storms are more prevalent. In many of these areas, exterior storm windows are recommended. In some states, they can be required by law.

They are less common in places like Europe, though there’s a movement to increase the number installed due to changing worldwide weather patterns.

What Are the Benefits?

The main benefit of storm windows, as opposed to regular windows, is that they guarantee safety. Without them, you could be faced with frames pulled out of the walls in a storm. Also, without them occupants are in danger of shattering glass – which can pose a risk to people standing too close.

Storm windows are also much stronger than traditional windows and more resistant to a general impact. Have you ever seen a ball go right through a pane of glass on someone’s window? Not if it was a storm window!

 Are They More Expensive?

Storm windows can be more expensive to buy and install than other types of windows. However, regular windows are more expensive when you consider the number of times you might have to replace them. Therefore, they are cheaper in the long run.

If you add the potential medical emergency because you didn’t have storm windows, then they are also – definitely – cheaper.

Are Storm Windows Worth It? Why?


With weather patterns changing across the globe, even areas that were not prone to storms in the past are experiencing heightened storms (and overall, more rain). As weather patterns change, it is important that you make changes to your home as well. If not, you could face a danger that wasn’t apparent in the past when the original windows were installed.

Another reason they are worth it is that adding storm windows makes your home more energy efficient. On average your new windows will give you energy savings on heating and cooling costs. New windows can decrease air infiltration and reduce heat loss.

Where Can I Get Storm Windows?

There are several options for purchasing and installing storm windows in your home. The first and best option is to find a local window company with experience installing storm windows. Local hardware stores can also be a good solution, though you will still need to find a trusted professional to install the windows.

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